what's up, internet? i'm jordan. most people call me jj or josie. THIS IS MY FANGIRL BLOG. i'm a november baby. i'm 21, loves. i like typing in all lower case. i am a writer. creativity is rad. i'm kind of a grammar freak. i used to jump off tables, spin around, and pretend to be sailor moon. i like things and stuff. i like to talk in a british accent. i have a cat named panini. i'm a professional fangirl. i will frequently go on fangirl rampages and reblog an insane amount of fangirl nonsense. things i like: all time low. honor society. farewell fighter. big time rush. one direction. the walking dead. doctor who. greek. skins (uk). supernatural. the avengers. the hunger games. harry potter. the chronicles of narnia. transformers. photography. stupid jokes.
peace, love, and donuts.
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